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Our goal has been to make Ralli as straightforward,
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for detailed answers to common questions.

Ralli is an independently audited global fundraising platform (via smartphone app) that collects micro-donations (as low as 50p per month) through its subscribers. It does not require any credit card or bank account information as users simply have their donation added to their mobile phone account.

During registration, subscribers elect a preferred cause or charity to support. Ralli works with charities to ensure transparency and value is being delivered in projects. This allows subscribers to see how they are making a difference.

Ralli was established to make sure everyone could be involved in making change happen, particularly young people who may care passionately about a certain cause but do not always have the time or means to get involved.

Our name is Activistic (UK) Ltd (registered company number 08579128, registered office: Suite 907 Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, EC1V 2NX) and we are a fundraising organisation. Our goal is to raise money for charitable causes by collecting micro-donations from mobile phone app subscribers.

In 2015, a UK charity that will administer Ralli was established – The Ralli Trust (registered company number: 08735457, charity number 1156936, principal office: Suite 907 Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, EC1V 2NX) (“we/us/our/the Trust”).

Ralli's primary relationship is with the well-established mobile billing company txtNation, which in turn has commercial relationships with UK telcos. At the moment Ralli works on the Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile, Virgin, EE and O2 networks. Any person with a mobile phone account provided by one of these telcos is able to register with Ralli and commence donations.

It only takes a few simple steps:

  • Download the Ralli app from the Apple or Google Play store to your smartphone
  • Register your phone number with Ralli (and some basic contact details such as your name and e-mail address)
  • Specify the amount you wish donate each month (£0.50, £1.50 or up to a maximum £3.00 per month per subscriber)
  • Choose where your monthly donation goes. You may want your donation to go to a particular charity or, if your chosen charity is not yet on Ralli (while we are still new this is likely), a particular cause. For example, say you want to donate to "Cancer Research UK" and they are not yet on Ralli, you can still donate to "cancer" and we will direct funds to charities in that category
  • To complete the registration process and activate your monthly donations, we need you to tell our mobile billing partner txtNation about your choices. We will provide the wording in an SMS for you to simply send off, charged at your standard package rates – so if you’ve got an unlimited package, it shouldn’t cost you anything

It's that simple. Your donation will then appear monthly on your mobile phone account.

Once subscribed, Ralli will contact you from time to time to advise you of donations made to the cause you are supporting. In the event of a major disaster – such as a tsunami or earthquake – we will give you the option of diverting your donation for a period of time to charities dealing with that particular challenge.

You can change the amount of your monthly donation, your chosen cause or charity, or suspend/unsubscribe from the service in a few easy steps. If you change your monthly donation amount you will be asked to send an updated SMS to txtNation to effect this change (again at your standard package rates) but no SMS is needed if you change your preferred cause or charity.

Yes, both groups can join Ralli. Our smart technology also knows if you are pre-paid and will only ever take a monthly donation, even if you top up twice in a month.

Ralli is open to all UK charities, large and small. At the moment we are partnered with Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, Tearfund, Emmaus, Scotty's Little Soldiers, Grassroots Suicide Prevention, TEMWA, Vital for Children and ARC Youth Counselling.

Our list of partner charities is growing all the time, so please do keep checking!

You can also donate to other charities on Ralli that arent our partners, but we hope to be one day soon!  

We encourage both large and small charities to join Ralli. To register your charity, please click here.

Ralli  will soon be an international platform, so we encourage charities from all over the world to register. By doing so, they can benefit from any subscriber who wants their donation to go to a specific cause or region (e.g. Education/East Africa).  At the moment we are only in the UK and Ireland, but we have big plans for expansion so stay tuned!

It won't make a difference to your back pocket but when you and many others do the same thing, it can generate significant support for charities across a wide range of very important issues. Subscribers become part of a global community of like-minded people.

We aim to be a fundraising platform of choice, and we encourage suggestions and participation from our subscribers to improve and evolve Ralli.

Unlike other donation platforms, charities worldwide can sign up with Ralli for free; there are no joining fees. Ralli is dedicated to keeping fundraising costs at a minimum and being part of a long-term solution for the sector.

100% of the donations you make to your selected cause or charity through Ralli are passed on. At a later time, we charge each charity a small percentage of each donation to cover our and our partners’ costs of providing Ralli. We are committed to keeping this as low as we can.

To cover our and our partners’ costs for providing a sustainable service, we currently ask our partner charities to pay 15p plus VAT for every £1 they receive through Ralli. For example, if a subscriber makes monthly donations of £3, their charitable cause will receive £3 and the charity will pay us 45p plus VAT.

We are committed to keeping service costs to a minimum without sacrificing our subscriber services. We operate on low overheads and continue to negotiate costs, and believe these will reduce over time. The more support Ralli receives the better position we are in to lower overall costs. It is our priority to provide more than 90% of donated funds directly to charities within 12 months of operation, everywhere we operate.

PLUS! If you are a UK taxpayer, you can agree to your selected charity claiming Gift Aid on your donation. Your charity will keep 100% of any Gift Aid it can claim.

If you are a UK taxpayer, donating through the Gift Aid scheme means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It won’t cost you any extra; all you have to do is to confirm you are a UK taxpayer. So that charities can boost their donations, we ask each subscriber to provide this confirmation via Ralli.

Ralli works on a quarterly payment cycle. Once we have received your monthly donation from txtNation, we will distribute it to your selected charity or cause on our next quarterly payment date. Under their standard terms and conditions, txtNation must pay us your donation within 90 days from the end of the month in which your donation is deducted from your mobile phone account. This means your donation should reach your charity or cause between 3 and 6 months from when it is deducted from your account.

Ralli's mobile platform is based on very small recurring monthly donations that do not put pressure on an individual’s or family's budget. The most a subscriber can contribute is £3.00 per month. The minimum is £0.50. We do not seek substantial one-off donations.

Ralli ultimately involves people in a global community of giving. The more subscribers to a cause, the greater change is possible to a particular issue or challenge.

The Ralli platform provides transparency for the way funds are spent on a subscriber's cause of interest, currently one of the key concerns of donors in general. We make it easy for you to transfer your donation to a different cause if you so choose – all in a few simple steps.

Setting up a recurring donation often requires time and paperwork, plus bank account or credit card details. If any of these details change you need to go through the process again. Additionally, unless the charity is well known it is hard to see where your money is going and how your donation is making a difference. Having said that, if you have an existing relationship with a charity, please keep it. They need you and have earned your trust.

Donating small amounts to a cause that is of specific interest to you via Ralli can be done in just a few simple steps on your mobile phone, with no contract, no bank and credit card details required. You will be able to follow your cause through Ralli's website and Ralli will send you updates when your cause has benefited from funding.

With Ralli, you are part of an international, like-minded community that together can make effective change possible.

We collect some basic information on each charity, in particular ensuring they are registered with the relevant authority (for example, the Charity Commission if it’s a charity based in England or Wales) and look at where their funds usually go. This process lets us know what they are likely to need and how they are likely to use any donations subscribers might make to them.

Ralli was founded in Perth, Australia, and we have just launched in the UK. We have a UK customer support number (+44 20 3195 3870) that people can call, and we are working hard to develop our presence in the UK.

Note that Ralli is serving a global market and we will continue to have our Australian base, together with offices in the UK, followed by the USA and Asia.

The next roll out for us is in the USA, to allow people worldwide to record their interest in the service.


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